To cap off this most extremely online year, nofilter is asking some of the coolest creators and smartest internet culture experts for a few of their favorite social media posts of 2020.

Allie Jones, who previously wrote a gossip column for The Cut and profiles for The New York Times, recently launched the celebrity culture newsletter Gossip Time, one of our absolute favorite Substacks. Her 2020 picks will be familiar to her readers: They include Ana de Armas, the Olsen twins, and her idol, Hilary Duff. (Read more 2020 picks here.)

“OK, Rodrigo, we’re ready.”

Throughout this tumultuous year, four words have really stuck with me, and they are “ok rodrigo, we’re ready.” This instantly iconic phrase was allegedly said by Ana de Armas in a March 31 phone call to a paparazzo just before she and her boyfriend Ben Affleck stepped outside to walk their dogs. “ok rodrigo, we’re ready.” Wow. Thank you TikTok user @jorge.lopezoo for bringing us this gift.

Hilary Duff in 2005


A post shared by @popculturediedin2009

I follow a lot of 2000s nostalgia accounts on Instagram (#millennial), but Pop Culture Died in 2009 is the original and the best, in my opinion. I really enjoyed these photos of my personal idol Hilary Duff having fun in 2005. 

Which MKA Are You?

Also on Instagram, I was entertained by the “which version of a celebrity is you” trend. I saw this one of Mary-Kate Olsen and thought, yep, that’s me. 

Mariah Carey’s Unboxing

Like most people, I am interested in watching celebrities open gifted merchandise from Beyonce. This video from Mariah Carey (in which she does not herself appear) is probably my favorite. 

Quarantine Cuts

Finally, I have to shout out the post that made me laugh the hardest this year, and of course it was created by my sisters Maddie and Bridget. This was when they were attempting to cut each other’s hair in lockdown. Hahaha.