After perhaps the most excruciating week of election uncertainty, the key states of Georgia and Pennsylvania tipped in Joe Biden’s favor on Friday morning, securing him victory as the President-Elect of the Unite States. The previously red states now lean blue thanks to on-the-ground activists and leaders like Stacey Abrams, and the celebration from progressives has grown beyond smug tweets: They’re making fancams.

Fancams, which originated in the k-pop fan community, have become an essential part of Gen Z stan culture, which no longer only encompasses pop stars and actors. The politically engaged generation applies the same enthusiasm to political figures, and now also the general concept of states. 

Perhaps the most surprising was Georgia, which has consistently gone red for the past six elections. However, Biden inched his way into the lead significantly enough that Twitter began posting fancams and memes about the state’s blue districts that are responsible for Biden’s current majority.

Abrams, who lost the race for Georgia governor in 2018 due to what many believe was voter suppression, dedicated the almost two years following to registering as many Georgia voters as possible. Her work aided Georgia’s blue lead, and people are celebrating her appropriately.

Pennsylvania, with its coveted 20 electoral votes, flipped red in 2016 after a number of blue elections. On Wednesday morning, Trump was at one point ahead in the state by a margin of 11, which was slowly chipped away at thanks to the Biden-heavy mail-in ballots. The state officially flipped blue on Saturday morning, prompting an outpouring of love for Pennsylvania, and specifically Philadelphia, which is responsible for a huge number of Biden’s votes.

While Georgia and Pennsylvania are getting the fancam treatment, Nevada has also entered the meme discourse for its painfully slow vote counting. While the state was finally called for Biden on Saturday, it trailed behind in counting for days on end.