A YouTube channel called 2020 Vision gained attention this week after the internet discovered that it appeared to accurately predict the deaths of famous people like Chadwick Boseman, Kobe Bryant, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg—three years before they happened. The videos, posted in 2017, have accumulated thousands of new comments from astonished users. Now, 2021 Vision has appeared, and it’s predicting the deaths of celebrities including Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Tyga, 6ix9ine, and Jennifer Lopez. 

People have understandably gotten worked up over the new predictions, but in its description the original 2020 Vision channel claims 2021 Vision and other copycats “ARE FRAUDS”—and, surprise, 2020 Vision itself was probably not as prescient as people think. There are several videos  debunking it, explaining how YouTube’s editing feature would have allowed 2020 Vision’s creator to manipulate their predictions to be accurate.

It seems likely that in 2017, 2020 Vision uploaded a slew of celebrity death predictions paired with every date in 2020, and kept the videos private. When some of those deaths came to pass, they would have edited out all the dates except for the one that the celebrity actually died on, and made the video public. There would be no trace of the edits, and the video would retain its original 2017 publish date.

The 2021 Vision channel was just created this month, and it’s already predicting specific death dates, beginning in March, that we can safely assume will not come to pass. Whoever created it was probably just piggybacking on 2020 Vision going viral, to squeeze whatever attention they can get before it’s proven wrong (or simply forgotten). So, Jennifer Lopez, if you’re reading this—you can relax now.