On Saturday morning, Alexis Sharkey, a 26-year-old influencer from Houston, Texas was found dead near the side of Interstate 10 a few miles outside the city. According to a report from KHOU 11, there were no visible injuries on her body. The investigation is ongoing, but KHOU 11 reports that police “do not believe it was a natural death.” The internet has since taken it upon itself to get to the bottom of the mystery—partly in the comments of the late woman’s Instagram.

The news of her death has captivated people, spawning a number of threads on Reddit and discussions on Twitter. Now amatuer sleuths have taken to Sharkey’s own Instagram page, which has become a default message board for her followers and those drawn to the crime to share and dissect theories about her possible murder.

“Any news on if they know who did it?” user @verykimmy asked on a recent photo.

“More than likely it is gonna be this roid rage pos responsible for killing her,” @markzeddy replied, referencing Sharkey’s husband, Tom. “She had filed for divorce and that probably made him snap.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, friends of Sharkey said that she and her husband Tom Sharkey were “going through a divorce,” and recalled their friend describing instances of alleged physical assault at his hands. 

Tom Sharkey has denied on social media that he was involved in her death and police investigators have not named him as a suspect. That hasn’t kept commenters from voicing their opinions.

“God...he’s gross....he did it,” @addisonsmith456 wrote on a photo of the pair from October 2019. On a post announcing the couple’s June 2019 engagement, @scottyp5608 wrote, “Wait don’t do it.” 

Some are arguing for civility and patience in the wake of the news.

“i’m not defending anyone because he very much so could be her killer but imagine if he wasn’t?” @hippie.tarantin0 wrote. “this man just lost his wife and you guys swear you’re the fbi when you really don’t know anything.”

In the past two days, Sharkey’s Instagram account has gained over 20,000 followers, according to Social Blade.