It’s been a wild 2021 for popular beauty influencer and YouTuber Amanda Ensing. On January 6, the day of the insurrection at the Capitol, she tweeted “Let’s fight for freedom” on behalf of “the right.” On January 29, she uploaded a YouTube video sponsored by Sephora titled “10 SEPHORA Skincare Gems You Need In Your Life!!!” Hours later, after customers expressed their disappointment with the company for partnering with the proudly conservative influencer, Sephora dropped her.

“We were made aware that Amanda Ensing, an influencer contracted through one of our external vendors’ campaigns, recently shared content on social media that is not aligned with Sephora’s values around inclusivity,” Sephora announced in a statement. “As soon as we were informed, we made the decision to cease all programming with Amanda and will not be engaging her for future partnerships.”

Ensing confirmed that Sephora asked for her to remove the sponsored video soon after she uploaded it, although she is refusing to do so.

Sephora did not immediately respond to a question about which specific posts did not align with their values, but Ensing elaborated on the incident in an IGTV video. The partnership, Ensing explains in the video, was facilitated through rewardStyle, which included this contractual stipulation:

“RewardStyle may terminate this Proposal immediately if at any time during the Project Timeframe it is discovered that Influencer is or has been involved in any situation...which ...subjects Advertiser, rewardStyler, or Influencer to public scandal.”

According to Ensing, when pressed, rewardStyle apparently told her that the clause would only ever be referenced in extreme situations such as violence or hate speech. Ensing denies being violent or engaging in hate speech, but followers point to a number of social media posts that Ensing wrote, liked, or shared that encouraged the January 6 insurrection or included homophobic remarks.

Ensing says she has not received an explanation from the company, In addition to refusing to remove the sponsored video, she also says she has refused to accept payment for the cancelled brand deal, which would have required her not to comment on the situation.

Instead, she encouraged her followers to boycott Sephora. She also floated the idea of starting her own makeup company. 

“Let’s make makeup great again,” she says.