Bernie Sanders’s mittens were this close to becoming the break-out stars of Joe Biden’s inauguration when a true hero emerged: 22-year-old National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman. She’s the first person to fill the role, which she earned when she was just 19. Today, she became the youngest poet to read at an inauguration. Her reading of “The Hill We Climb,” which she finished writing during the January 6 attack on the Capitol, served to inspire a nation of viewers who have been beaten down by a pandemic and violent political division. 

And while she began her appearance as an esteemed poet, she ended it as a social media star. On January 19, Gorman had a little over 50,000 Instagram followers, according to Social Blade. Following her reading, she has over 600,000 and counting. 

“If nothing else, say this is true: That even as we grieved, we grew,” her poem reads. “That even as we hurt, we hoped. That even as we tired, we tried.”

Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are abuzz with praise for the writer, coming from regular viewers, activists, and celebrities like Lin Manuel Miranda.

Gorman, an active social media user who you can follow on Twitter and Instagram, is no doubt witnessing these tributes. (Or maybe she’ll be catching up on her phone tonight in bed, like any 22-year-old winding down from a big day.) And she’s sure to be blessing our timelines with pithy inspiration, like this note from December.

But she’s got a way with more than words. Gorman rocked a Prada ensemble at the inauguration today, and she’s as stylish as any Instagram influencer.

Next stop? TikTok. Fingers crossed.