I’m normally averse to sharing anything that reinforces the narrative of social media influencers being reckless attention-seekers, but the 16-year-old named Andrew who appeared on Dr. Phil earlier this week is a whole other breed. A sort of Jake Paul/Bryce Hall hybrid, Andrew told Dr. Phil he wants to be the next big TikTok star, and that he’s going to do it simply by being “savage.”

As Dr. Phil explains in the segment, these “savage” acts include throwing water and milk on his brother in bed, stealing a golf cart, and lifting money from his family. Most of these stunts were done in pursuit of the next viral TikTok, and some of his videos, which he posts under the account @feugo.savage, have indeed racked up millions of views.

In one popular video, Andrew throws eggs at another car from his own vehicle:

In another, he shares a hack for beating a McDonald’s game:

But for the most part, his videos document pointless and destructive activities like prank calling 911, breaking his own bones, and attempting to take a mannequin from the mall. His appearance on Dr. Phil was likely meant to deter him from these activities.

“Be an individual,” Dr. Phil advises the teen over video chat. “You sound like a clone.”

Instead, the interview has only sent more people to his social media pages, both TikTok and Instagram—although he hasn’t posted on either in a few weeks. 

Dr. Phil has made no secret of his disdain for TikTok—or more specifically, the internet trend of referring to him as “daddy.” He himself has a TikTok account, but has used it to ask people to stop commenting “daddy” on his posts. 

“I ain’t your daddy,” he says. “Hate to break it to you, but I ain't your daddy, and your real daddy is probably getting his feelings hurt.”


#YouHaveTo stop calling me “daddy.” I ain’t ya daddy.

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That video alone has 34 million views—so who’s the “savage” one now, Dr. Phil?