Here’s a sentence you probably didn’t expect to read this side of 2020: Snapchat is going viral on TikTok. While TikTok is known for its effects and filters for video editing, the “anime filter” currently making the rounds on the For You page can’t actually be found on the app. Instead, it’s a Snapchat original titled “Anime Style,” which users are recording themselves using on the app and reuploading to TikTok and Instagram.

The filter animates users’ facial features and hair in the style of Japanese anime characters, and it continues to morph your features based on things like eye size and expression. The filter was created by Snapchat itself, and while a few other anime-style filters have been created by users, this is the one currently spreading like wildfire on TikTok and Instagram. The #animefilter hashtag on TikTok currently has over 34 million separate videos. Of course, not all of them have to do with this particular filter, but the most popular ones were uploaded in the past day. 

But while the filter appears to work on everyone from adults to babies, TikTok users are already pointing out the trouble it has adapting to Black skin tones and hairstyles.


This filter ain’t for black ppl😂😂...all imma say #animefilter #saitama

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More than one Black user has pointed out that unlike the many varieties white users are experiencing, the filter just makes them look like The Rock.

This comes just a day after users on Twitter noticed that the site’s algorithm appeared to prioritize white faces when choosing what part of a photo to preview, something Twitter communications spokesperson Liz Kelley promised the site would analyze further.

And there’s a similar issue with Zoom’s virtual backgrounds:

While TikTok is celebrating the filter, Black users are using the app to call out Snapchat and lament another feature that seemingly wasn’t tested on Black people before being rolled out.