In 2021, mere weeks after a violent attack on the US Capitol, I don’t know how anyone could hear the words “Baked Alaska” and think of the delicious dessert, and not the far-right content creator who previously live streamed his refusal to wear a mask in the pandemic. But Ariana Grande is trying to change that. The singer just released the music video for the “34+35” remix featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion that ends with a blooper of her attempting to order Baked Alaska, which naturally caused the whipped, fiery dessert to trend on Google and Twitter.

“Baked Alaska,” she says into the room service intercom in the hotel room featured in the music video. “Do you guys have Baked Alaska?”

Unfortunately, they were all out. But the news is still good. The last time Baked Alaska trended, it was because the 33-year-old, whose real name is Anthime Joseph "Tim" Gionet, live streamed his involvement in the January 6 insurrection. He was later arrested. Now, thanks to Grande, hardly anything about him shows up when you search “Baked Alaska” on Twitter, even though news of him went viral as recently as Thursday when a clip from his social media was used during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

Instead of white supremacy, the term now conjures Grande memes and images of the dessert.

I can’t be certain Grande did this on purpose, but there’s evidence to suggest she’s more savvy about social media than meets the eye. A year after her split from Pete Davidson—when speculation about who the singer might be dating was at an all-time high—the singer released a song called “Boyfriend.” After she dropped the single, a Google search for “Ariana Grande boyfriend” ranked her own music higher than any gossip about her love life. The single’s music video is still the first video that appears. (Although the fact that Grande now does have a boyfriend—excuse me, fiancé—means the trick isn’t quite as effective.)  

It’ll take a bit more than a music video for me to unlearn how I previously felt about Baked Alaska, but I’ll admit: Thanks to Grande, for the first time, I really do want to try it.