Arielle Charnas continues to bungle her redemption arc. The influencer became Internet Enemy No.1 after testing positive for coronavirus and fleeing to the Hamptons back in March, and earlier this month she relaunched her Something Navy fashion line to a chorus of complaints from customers who accused Charnas of omitting pertinent details about things like return costs and fudging the numbers on her inventory. Despite this, the blogger claims to have earned one million dollars from the launch—shortly before Page Six revealed that she received up to $350,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program back in April. 

As businesses were put on hold due to the pandemic, many required federal assistance from the government to continue to pay their staff and prevent from closing permanantly. The program was intended for small businesses who needed help, which is why large companies like Shake Shack returned their loans after public outcry. Turns out, Charnas also benefited from the assistance. 

“Like many companies, the pandemic had a significant impact on our business, and we participated in the PPP to help protect the jobs of our employees,” a spokesperson for Something Navy confirmed to Page Six. “All of the money was used towards our payroll to avoid job or schedule reductions during the worst of the economic downturn caused by COVID-19—what it was intended to do.”

This is true, but as is the case with many issues surrounding Charnas, the optics aren’t great. Not only did she likely apply for this loan from her Hamptons retreat, but at a time when CNBC already valued her company at $45 million. Then, she went ahead and made another million in just 30 minutes from her fashion line. This does not paint a picture of someone who is struggling, especially as other businesses continue to close left and right due to the economic effects of the pandemic.

“[J]ust so you know. It’s bc of people like you, why small businesses such as my mom and I have, were unable to receive a protection loan,” one commenter wrote on a recent Something Navy Instagram post. “We were back logged bc corporations were sniping money, just as you did.”

Charnas has already forged ahead with the second Something Navy drop, and if you think she learned from her past mistakes, think again.