By the end of 2019, the coworking boom had grown to approximately 35,000 flexible working spaces throughout the world. Two years later, overall growth is slowing—due, no doubt, in part to the pandemic and the corporate troubles at WeWork. As coworking spaces have reopened this summer, the industry is no longer focusing on the quantity of spaces, but overall quality.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that coworking influencers are popping up to show the world how it’s done. Whether you’re looking for beautiful interiors or well-connected communities, these are the influencers you need to know about.

Jerome Chang

The owner of BLANKSPACES and a qualified architect, Jerome Chang is an industry pioneer that has set out with the sole mission of promoting entrepreneurs to use shared office spaces and then pay it forward. 

Jerome has been in the coworking scene since 2007, so is easily one of the most experienced influencers on our list.


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Liz Elam

GCUC (read "juicy") is one of the great coworking communities, and Liz is the founder. She also launched one of the most attended coworking conferences around the globe.

“On social media, especially LinkedIn, Liz shares content from all stages of the industry and a ton of content that she shares on her world stages. She has even had her coworking research published by publications like of the Harvard Business Review,” explains Jason Turner, a social media marketer at Draft beyond and Last minute writing.

Jamie Russo

The CEO of Global Workspace Association, Jamie heads up the strategy and execution of the GWA operations and ensures that work gets done. The company is designed around the concept of helping other operators around the world do their best and helps new coworking spaces get set up and running.

“Jamie shares a ton of unique insights into her life, especially working as a President of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces and runs her own podcast on the subject. Whether you’re starting a space or investing in one, Jamie’s the woman who’s got what you need to know,” says Nick Anderson, an influence marketing blogger at Writinity and Research papers UK.

Nicole Vasquez

Co-founder of prestigious coworking spaces Second Shift and Deskpass, there’s plenty of reasons why Nicole Vasquez was featured on the 35 Under 35 Making an Impact in Chicago list. 

Lately, she holds talks and workshops for coworking space business owners and helps to explore and share everything you need to know about managing a successful coworking space.


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Heidi Butzine

One of the more inspiring stories you’ll hear in the coworking industry is Heidi’s. After quitting the corporate world in 2010, Heidi worked from home on her three online businesses, wrote multiple books, and now hosts conferences and workshops all over the world.

In fact, the only real aspect of business she didn’t cover was networking, which led to her opening her own coworking space known as ‘Social Workplace.’


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Mike LaRosa

LaRosa can be found on Twitter where he shares his experiences with Coworkaholic, his coworking business. If you want any advice on how to create your own loyal and integrated community, LaRosa is the man for the job.


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