Halloween, as the kids say, hits different this year. The pandemic is making many time-honored traditions, like trick-or-treating and costume parties, a non-starter. And with everything going on in the news, who needs more scary stories? But the holiday needn’t be Pumpkin Spice-bland, either. There’s still lots of Halloween fun to be had that won’t scare you or remind you of what you’re missing, and there’s a word for it: spoopy (little bit spooky, a little bit funny). 

31 Aunts for Halloween 

Comedian Andrew Farmer is posting a video every day in October, featuring 31 different aunts. One is almost too busy to watch the cursed VHS from The Ring, one struggles to use Siri even when buried alive. The only eerie thing about this? How eerily accurate it is. 

1 Salem a Day


Just sitting here, with all of the Halloween decorations I bought one bit too early

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Black cats are the unofficial animal of Halloween, and Salem, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is perhaps their biggest star. The 90s icon is finally getting the recognition he deserves with 1salem_a_day, a tribute account to the warlock-turned-immortal-cursed-cat. Relive his best quotes, and marvel that you ever thought the animatronic puppet was a real cat. 

A Toddler and His Skelton BFF 

Abigail Brady captured her son taking his life-sized skeleton friend to the park and the internet fell in love. She has continued to document the duo’s October adventures on her TikTok, including trips to the store and bedtime stories.

The Best of the Worst Halloween Costumes

This TikTok challenge doesn’t have a real name, but it involves people sharing their worst Halloween costumes from childhood, usually homemade and usually unintentionally terrifying. You’ll never look at the Piggy Bank from Toy Story or Bubbles from Power Puff Girls the same way again. 

Halloween ASMR

Better Homes and Gardens’ incredibly un-hip Halloween content feels like it could have been the same in 2010 or 1990. Which is why it might be the perfect mash-up for ASMR: Be soothed by the narrator's voice as well as familiar, kitschy decor and crafts. Expect the expected—that sounds pretty good for 2020, right? 

Hydraulic Press Candy Edition 


Sour patch kids worms! 😃👏🌈 #satisfying #oddlysatisfying #colorful

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The equally soothing, yet far more destructive, forces of hydraulic press Instagram are applying their awesome powers to classic Halloween candy. Ever wonder what happens when a massive amount of pressure is applied to Skittles? Now you don’t have to!

A History of Halloween Costumes 

How did we get to the point where we are cursed with sexy Pizza Rats and Sriracha bottles? Fashion historian Mina Le walks us through the history of Halloween costumes, sharing lots of funny (and occasionally creepy) vintage shots along the way. You’ll learn about the Potato Famine, why Victorians associated romance with the Halloween, and the first licensed costumes for kids. 

Soothing Scary Art 

Artist Jessica Lauser is sharing a video a day of different terrifying women in history, both real and fictional. A little bit spooky, very beautiful, and full of interesting facts. Oh, and incredibly satisfying to watch her add gold paint to the details.