The best way to learn anything is from the people who lived it, and with everyone living their lives a little more online these days, there are a lot of lessons to learn. At nofilter, we’re not just covering the latest influencer drama (although there’s a lot of that, too), we’re also bringing you essays and interviews from people in the industry who have first-hand experience—and solutions—to some of influencing’s biggest problems. 

This week, we interviewed member Indi Rossi and learned about ways influencers can make money without brand deals and the surefire way to grow your audience, and TikTok was in the spotlight for a disturbing viral video and its response to a controversial topic.

Here are the top tips for influencers we learned this week.

YouTube call-out videos are over

YouTube couple channel Jatie Vlogs took their issue with YouTuber Elijah Wireman to Instagram Live. While we’re used to creators like Jeffree Star posting long, first-person videos in response to drama, watching influencers go at it in real time on Instagram is brand new. Is this the future of internet drama? 

2020 is not the time for inauthenticity 

When Tekashi 6ix9ine wanted to get back on the public’s good side, he turned to TikTok. However, fans saw right through his attempts to win them over by collaborating with popular creators like Tayler Holder and Olivia Ponton, and everybody lost. The backlash resulted in many creators deleting their videos with the artist, and Ondreaz Lopez confirmed that the appearances were part of a PR initiative from 6ix9ine’s team. While TikTok may be the best place to reach the youths these days, it’s not a place for anyone thinking they can pull the wool over their eyes with staged appearances and half-hearted dance moves. 

Consistency is the key to gaining followers member Indi Rossi only started her YouTube channel in January, but had earned 100,000 subscribers in four months. Now, she says she averages 1000 new subscribers a day thanks to her dedication to consistency. 

“It was kind of a joke at the beginning,” she tells me in a phone call. “I said, ‘You know, it would be great if we could make a hundred thousand followers before my birthday’— which is June 14th. And then it was May 14th and we hit the 100,000 subscriber mark. It's a daily benchmark to make sure we're doing the same thing we need to do every day. And then the subscribers that come are consistent also."