To cap off this most extremely online year, nofilter is asking some of the coolest creators and smartest internet culture experts for a few of their favorite—and one of their least favorite—social media posts of 2020.

Sesali Bowen, a nofilter contributor who has also written for Nylon and Refinery29, will publish her first book, Notes From A Trap Feminist, next year. Her 2020 picks range the highs and lows of Black culture this year, ranging from Verzuz battles to cringey 2000s nostalgia. (Read more 2020 picks here.)


Jacie’s Pedicure

Jacie went viral after she gave an honest review of her first ever pedicure. Her Arkansas accent, her honesty, and her willingness to roast her mama have kept me absolutely hooked ever since.

Nostalgia from the CEO of Neva Forget

I’ve never enjoyed being roasted so much. This commemorates all of the terrible fashion pieces that defined Black culture in the early aughts. The chaotic layering of his voice in each video combined with the sad mood music gives our 2000’s style choices the respect they deserve.

Gucci vs. Jeezy Verzuz Battle

Trap music is my thing. I am a trap feminist. I never thought I would see these two men together in the same room, let alone for the purposes of performing their greatest hits. Plus it happened at a strip club! It was the best night of my life and I drank way too much Hennesey. It is rivaled only by the Verzuz battle between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.

Jinx Getting Too High on His Mom’s Edibles


So I’m scrolling and see this on my timeline! This is me & my dog jinx. #jinx #highdog

♬ original sound - Vodou

Anyone who has ever done edibles can relate. I literally cried laughing and no, I wasn’t high.

Where The Money Reside


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Heading into 2021, this is the energy that I’m trying to manifest. 


The True Kitchen Owner Disrespecting His Customers for Twerking

Regardless of how you feel about doing hoodrat things with your friends while drunk on dark liquor slushies at brunch, no one deserves to be spoken to this way.