Welcome to the first Gen Z White House. Yes, Joe Biden reps the Silent Generation (the one before the Boomers), but he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (Gen X) bring with them a gaggle of nieces, nephews, children, and grandchildren who are predictably active online. 

TikTok lost its mind last month when former First Daughter Sasha Obama briefly appeared on the app. She was just seven years old in 2008 when her father was first elected president, and opted out of social media as she grew up in the political spotlight, making her cameo that much more exciting. But in 2020, many of the incoming class of First and Second family teens already have an established social media footprint, meaning we’re likely about to see life inside—or, at least, near—the White House like we never have before. 

These are the members of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s family who are most active online. 


this is a @scoobeydoobey stan account from now on 😤 #2020 #fyp #bidenharris

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Naomi Biden, 26


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The daughter of Joe’s son Hunter Biden is the closest thing to an official face of her family on social media. Naomi, who graduated virtually this year from Columbia Law School, was outspoken about the election on Instagram and Twitter

Natalie Biden, 16

The daughter of Joe’s late son Beau Biden isn’t (public) on millennial platforms like Instagram, but you can find Natalie with her Gen-Z cohort on TikTok. Indeed, society has progressed to the point where a teenage member of the first family can publicly lip-sync “I don’t eat pussy, I’m fasting.”

Robert “Hunter” Biden, 14


@scoobeydoobey pulling up to Georgia to protect the ballot counters #fyp #election

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Speaking of teenage Bidens on TikTok: Robert “Hunter” Biden, brother of Natalie, may have my most favorite presence of all. The 14-year-old is making memes about the election with the innocent, cheeky smile of someone who’s aware they’re going to be asked to take this down as soon as an adult finds out. 

Meena Harris, 36


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Over on the Harris side, there’s Kamala’s niece, Meena, who has been vocal on pretty much every platform. With over 400,000 followers on Instagram, 276,000 on Twitter, and 1.5 million on TikTok, the lawyer and CEO was committed to stumping for the Biden/Harris ticket on the virtual campaign trail, and is now using her social media to combat misinformation and hype up her followers for the next administration.


Recording audio for my new kids’ book in Delaware, at the same studio wear Jill Biden recorded hers. 🥰 Pre-order at www.ambitiousgirlbook.com.

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Ella Emhoff, 21


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In the court of public opinion, Ella Emhoff has definitely been ruled the coolest member of the incoming second family. Kamala’s stepdaughter is an artist who makes commissioned knitted pants. She’s most active on Instagram but went viral thanks to a TikTok posted by Meena Harris. It’s unclear if Ella has a TikTok account of her own, but this might be it

Cole Emhoff, 26


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The future second stepson has stayed out of the election on social media and is busy working as an Executive Assistant at Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B. But he’s active on Instagram, posting pictures with his girlfriend and family.