On Monday, a longstanding online rivalry got physical when a shot was reportedly fired at the home of Steven Jay Williams, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has over four million subscribers as Boogie2988. Williams said he fired a “warning shot” when fellow online creator Frank Hassle showed up at his door after allegedly harassing him over social media. Williams repeatedly threatened to shoot Hassle in an interview given to controversial YouTuber Keemstar shortly before the incident. 

Williams says the tension between the two creators stems from Hassle’s belief that Williams got him deplatformed from YouTube and shut down his subreddit. Williams denies any involvement, but it appears antagonizing the Arkansas native had become somewhat of a pastime for Hassle. 

In the days leading up to the standoff, Hassle tagged Williams in photos showing that he was in his town. That night, a seemingly unrelated visitor at Williams’ door sent him into a panic. In an interview alongside Hassle with Keemstar, Williams made multiple threats against Hassle’s life while goading him into coming to his house—which Hassle then did. Both Williams and Hassle posted footage from the encounter, in which Williams can be seen holding a gun. A shooting listed in the Fayetteville, AK police dispatch log appears to match that of the alleged stand-off between Williams and Hassle.

No one appears to be physically harmed, but Williams described it on Twitter as one of the “hardest days” of his life, and says there is now a criminal investigation into what happened. The Fayetteville Police Department confirmed that they are investigating the incident. 

“This type of harassment is very real,” Williams says in a video he made recapping the altercation. “I know it’s easy to pretend that I’ve lied to you about this stuff, that I’m pretending when it comes to this stuff. This is a very deranged person showing up to my house today with the intention of escalating things."