Influencers and Covid-19 go together like peanut butter and moldy jam. Whether it’s Arielle Charnas announcing her diagnosis or ... Arielle Charnas flouting CDC guidelines about traveling and socializing while sick, it was inevitable that as the pandemic raged, Coronavirus content would become a thing. But that doesn’t make it any less bizarre to see twin influencers Brooklyn and Bailey, who announced over the weekend that they had tested positive after returning to Baylor University, now posting and Instagram Storying about the virus as if it were, like, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

“Leave any other suggestions to help with COVID here!” the twins wrote in a text box on one slide of their story, pointing to it with a smile. In another story demonstrating that they’ve lost their sense of smell, they giggle while spraying perfume in each other’s faces.


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This is bizarre for many reasons. Yes, particularly in the young and healthy, COVID-19 is not necessarily deadly. But still, in Texas, where Baylor University decided to bring students back to campus, over 12,000 people have died and 637,000 have been diagnosed. It is truly no laughing matter.

However, as Anne Helen Peterson points out in the latest edition of her new newsletter, in which she surfaced the twins and their Covid content, their rosy portrayal of the virus likely has something to do with the fact that they are sponsored by Baylor. In the past, they’ve disclosed that they’ve done a number of posts in partnership with the university. The COVID diagnosis announcement was not, but it’s clearly influenced by their relationship with the school. 

“As you guys know, Baylor chose to do some in person classes as well as some online classes. They have taken every precaution, including mandating masks, requiring students to test negative before coming back to school, and many, many more precautions,” Bailey wrote in the caption. “It is NOT due to in person classes that this happened.”

Instead, she claims that they were exposed after their roommates came into contact with someone who tested positive. While the details aren’t clear, it seems likely that contact could have been … from in-person classes. Or socializing outside of class. Or, as students who returned to college have done, going to a party. In other words, it almost certainly had something to do with Baylor bringing students back to campus. No matter how the twins want to spin it—and how many bubbly Instagram Stories they want to make about their kooky symptoms—there’s no sugar-coating a pandemic.