Democrats have been attempting to excite young voters these past few months, but it turns out all they needed was calamari. Last night’s DNC roll call saw delegates from across the United States officially declare Joe Biden the Democratic presidential nominee, with each state submitting a 30-second video accompanied by a bit of local flair. For Rhode Island, that meant a tray of calamari, dutifully presented by chef John Bordieri.

Now known on the internet as “Calamari Man,” Bordieri’s masked presence was just charming and bizarre enough to earn him overnight meme status.

“I want Calamari Man to smack that cold plate of calamari directly across my face and take me out <3,” BuzzFeed’s Tanya Chen wrote

Others went a more visual route.

The love for Calamari Man is so strong, people are barely talking about the night’s big-ticket speeches from the likes of Jill Biden and Bill Clinton.

This isn’t quite as out-of-nowhere as it seems. Calamari is the official state appetizer of Rhode Island—a designation that was not made lightly. In fact, it’s a cause state party chairman Joseph M. McNamara had been championing since 2013, in hopes that Rhode Island’s calamari would be a worthy competitor to the Maine lobsters up north.

But the calamari on top of all this? Bordieri doesn’t even know if he’s going to vote for Joe Biden.

“Everything to me is always the same,” Bordieri told The Washington Post. “They say they’re going to change health plans, the economy, the workforce … The only thing that really changes is the price of things going up, and all these rich people making more money.”

Politicians, elections, contagious viruses—those things can hurt you. What will never hurt you? Calamari.