I guess it was inevitable that one day I’d wake up and see Cardi B on TikTokRoom. It was the rapper’s social media skills—along with her prodigious talent—that shot her to musical fame in 2017 with “Bodak Yellow,” and now she’s back on everyone’s feed alongside Megan Thee Stallion with “WAP.” But while people like Addison Rae’s literal mom are doing the “WAP” dance on TikTok, Cardi B is weighing in on another frequent hot topic on the app: Emmuhlu

Back in April the normally candid, funny, woke Nicki Minaj stan Emmuhlu, whose real name is not public, fell spectacularly from grace when someone posted a video of her saying the n-word. The 18-year-old’s reputation as a progressive ally was shattered, but after returning to the platform in June the creator has managed to rebuild some of what she started. Then she made a joke about Cardi B’s vagina

The jab was not out of character for the rivalry between the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fandoms, who playfully and not-so-playfully spar back and forth online. The only difference? Cardi B saw this one. 

“Please keep my name out your mouth,” Cardi B wrote on Twitter in a now-deleted tweet. “You disguise yourself as a person that love Black female artist[s] but you a real life racist.” 

She posted this alongside the video from Emmuhlu’s April scandal, and said the creator had been talking about her “for months.” 


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Emmuhlu then went live on Instagram to clarify her jokes, saying she actually likes Cardi B and was only participating in the trend between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj stans. She denies Cardi’s accusations of racism and criticizes the artist for attacking her appearance, but Cardi B had more time. 

“You have made like 10 videos of me disrespecting and picking on me,” she wrote in the comments of the Instagram Live. “If you experience bullying ,depression if you know who you are why do you do it to others ? I am a person too ! I got feelings too ! My feelings get hurt too .So it’s okay to pick on people on the internet for shock value ? And when I stand up for myself I got to to be mindful that you are 18? You don’t gotta pick on people for attention .Shit is wack.”

This may seem like petty drama, but Cardi B is acknowledging what many traditional celebrities have not: Someone who is TikTok famous has a legitimate platform. It may not be Cardi B numbers, but Emmuhlu’s over one million TikTok followers are not insignificant, and as TikTok only becomes more popular, the line between “famous” and “internet famous” gets increasingly blurred.