Fans of her wide-ranging writing are memorializing popular 2010s blogger Catie Warren. Warren, who became known for articles on Grandex Media sites like Total Sorority Move and Post Grad Problems, passed away on November 15, but many of her followers are now posting tributes to her on Instagram and Reddit. According to an obituary published on the website of Fisher House Foundation, an organization for military families (her husband, Christopher Archer, serves in the Army), she was 30 years old. The obituary does not list a cause of death.

Warren, who amassed over 49,000 Instagram followers and over 13,000 Twitter followers for her frank writing about relationships, dieting, and politics, built her following in the early 2010s primarily through Total Sorority Move, where she wrote humorous blog posts like “How To Get Your Boyfriend To Marry You” (one suggestion: “tell everyone he has a small penis”) as well as thoughtful essays about politics, like “The Republican Party Is Broken And It Is Up To Young People To Fix It,” under the pen name “From Rush To Rehab.” Her work elicited response pieces in outlets like The Huffington Post.

Warren worked on Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012, but announced her support for Hillary Clinton in a 2016 Huffington Post article. For a time, she was engaged to Post Grad Problems’ managing editor Brian McGannon, an experience she wrote about in articles for The Huffington Post and Elite Daily.

In recent years she stepped back from freelance writing, but maintained a community of readers on her Instagram, who followed her commentary on pop culture and the royal family. 

Warren is survived by her husband, who she married in 2018. The pair left the United States for South Korea before eventually landing in Germany, where Warren lived at the time of her death. 

The loss comes as a shock to readers who are only just learning of her passing, leaving messages of mourning on Reddit and in the comments of Warren’s Instagram, where she last posted in October. 

“Love you babe ❤️ from rush to rehab, to marriage and life to eternal peace,” one commenter wrote. 

“I will miss you so much Catie, you always had so many great opinions about the Royals and pop-culture. You will be so missed,” reads another comment. 

“Catie, thank you for being a pen pal. A virtual friend in a lonely world,” another added. “You ran a group that I loved, and I’m so sorry to read the news of your passing."