I like to stay out of Charli D’Amelio drama, mostly because I think it’s often overblown and not worth amplifying. She is a perfectly pleasant 16-year-old girl who hit the internet jackpot, so naturally there are people who use the fact that she’s a public figure as an excuse to lash out at her for any little thing. The most recent drama involving a YouTube video of her family seemed like more of the same. But instead, it’s exploded into an all-out internet war involving sister Dixie D’Amelio, James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Trisha Paytas.

It all started with this video, uploaded on the D’Amelio family YouTube channel, in which chef Aaron May prepares a meal of paella with escargot:

Commenters felt Dixie and Charli were being rude about the food, with Charli asking if they had “dino nuggets” instead and Dixie literally throwing up. Then there was an exchange between guest James Charles and Charli about her hitting 100 million followers. 

“Imagine if I hit 100 mil a year after hitting a mil,” she says.

“Was the 95 not enough for you?” Charles jokes back. 

Drama channels, comments, nofilter’s own Sophie Ross, and fellow creators like Trisha Paytas leapt upon the sisters’ apparent rudeness, and accused Charli of treating her fans like numbers. 

“They should be called out when they need to be humbled a little,” Paytas says in a TikTok reacting to the YouTube video. “I don’t think it’s something to be embarrassed about because they are young girls, but to be catty and bratty in the comments…this kind of attitude, it won’t get you far.” 


#greenscreen do u think influencers should be called out for unbecoming behavior ? Is it constructive criticism or hate ?

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Both Dixie and Charli made videos explaining the situation, saying the addition of the snails to the paella was done for the sole purpose of getting a reaction out of Dixie, who even shared some cut footage showing as much. Charli also spoke to her “100 million” comment, explaining that she’s only excited to reach that number because she has an important celebration planned for her fans. But in a rare movie, Charli also called out Paytas directly.

“I’m just gonna say it: Trisha Paytas...you have been completely rude to me multiple times,” she said in an Instagram Live on Thursday. “You have your own problems, please stop worrying about mine.”

Paytas has a history of scandals, and also a habit of inserting herself in internet drama. Charles came to Charli's defense, shading Paytas on Twitter when he condemned “30+ year olds dragging someone half their age.”

What ensued are honestly too many back-and-forths for me to effectively list, so here are some highlights. 

Paytas apologized to Charli:

But then she came for James Charles, saying he’s taking advantage of Charli the same way Tati Westbrook took advantage of of him:

She also came after a handful of other internet creators who called her out:


#greenscreen it’s really my day to be subtweeted huh ?? Is it Christmas already ? Corinna has more skeletons in her closet than me BET

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James Charles issued a scathing rebuttal, pointing to Paytas’s many scandals, including saying the n-word and defending Hitler. 

Dixie then posted and quickly deleted a video of her doing the “Renegade” dance to audio of Paytas saying the n-word, which created its own mini controversy, seeing as her attempt to take down Paytas only amplified a racist sound.

And then, Jeffree Star got involved:

As of an hour ago—a full four days after the initial video was uploaded—Paytas is still on TikTok talking about the situation, but Charli, Dixie, and James Charles seem ready to move on. Even Charli’s following count, which took a huge hit during the controversy, has started creeping back up. It won’t be long before she reaches the coveted 100 million mark. But after all this, victory will likely taste a lot less sweet.