Christian Girl Autumn is here, and the Christian Girl Autumn way to celebrate is by supporting trans rights. Caitlin Covington went viral last fall after Twitter user @bimbofication posted a photo of the blogger alongside the caption, "Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end, get ready for Christian Girl Autumn." Covington’s perfectly curled hair, wholesome blog Southern Curls & Pearls, and picture-perfect fall photoshoots perfectly encapsulate a specific autumnal aesthetic. According to SocialBlade, Covington gained around 50,000 Instagram followers in the month of September 2019, likely thanks to the viral tweet. This year she’s repaying the favor by donating $500 to @bimbofication’s gender affirming care fund and sharing the link with her followers.

Covington shared @bimbofication’s September 18 tweet promoting the GoFundMe with her own message: “FYI this is the creator of the Christian Girl Autumn meme. Please help & donate to the Go Fund Me if you can!”

A look at the list of donors reveals that Covington herself donated $500 to the fund, which has currently received a little over $2,000 towards its $15,000 goal. 

“She’s been so sweet to me and I can’t help but feel so undeserving of her ability to spread as much love as possible with her platform,” @bimbofication told me over Twitter DM, saying they and Covington still talk every now and then. “When I saw she donated I was surprised at the amount, and I’m so deeply indebted to her.”

The gesture is particularly heartwarming in light of the initial perceptions of Covington that users had when she went viral. Because of her image, many assumed the blogger fit a conservative stereotype—racist, homophobic, and frequently asking to “speak to the manager.” 

“That’s not me at all,” Covington told BuzzFeed after the meme first went viral. “I’m a nice person and I love everyone and I’m accepting of everyone.”

@bimbofication can attest to this: “When I had first made the meme she told me we were best friends forever, and she proves her kindness again and again. She is amazing."