It’s September 1 and people are already packing away their swimsuits and looking in their storage boxes for gourds, even though summer isn’t technically over until September 22. But while the rest of the world is prematurely thinking spooky fall thoughts in preparation for the Halloween season, TikTok is already months along in its countdown … to Christmas. 

It’s true that the season seems to come earlier and earlier each year—just look at this chart about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. But only on TikTok can a video featuring peppermint candles, hot chocolate, and Michael Buble go viral—over nine million views and counting—in July.


pov: it’s christmas eve! ❤️🎄🎅🏼🎁☃️ comment video requests! countdown: 164 days ❄️ #christmas #christmascountdown #xmas #fyp #winter #foryou #foru

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“I’m so happy now,” one person commented on the video. 

“This is the happiest I’ve been in 2020,” another said. 

The New York Times noticed it too

For 15-year-old Lillian, who runs the popular account @.everythingchristmas on TikTok, this is just what it’s like in her family.

“My family has gone all out for Christmas since I can remember,” she explains over email. “We have huge parties and decorate every room in the house! My parents were watching Christmas in July on Hallmark, and I thought, why not try out a TikTok with the same concept!”

Her videos, which are watched by her over 526,000 followers, include baking videos, song recommendations, and POVs (point of view videos).


pov: it’s christmas morning! THIS IS A POV i know that it’s july :) countdown: 145 days!! 🎄❄️ #christmastiktok #christmaspov #christmas #xmas #fyp

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“Pov: it’s Christmas morning!” she captioned a video that shows her perspective getting out of bed, making waffles, and pulling an iPhone out of a gift bag (“THIS IS A POV i know that it’s July," she adds). 

The footage is either archival from past Christmases or filmed in real time by Lillian herself, who just happens to have all the pepperminty, festive props on hand (like she said, her family really loves Christmas.)

All whimsy aside, there’s a pandemic-sized reason people may already be counting down to Christmas this year. After eight tumultuous months, Christmas is something Lillian says “even Covid can’t ruin.” The virus outside is frightful, so stay home, cozy up in front of the fire, and watch Love Actually—just like you would any other year. 

That being said, there’s still four more months of 2020 to go, and many of us are bracing for the next disaster—which could include TikTok getting banned. Lillian has a plan for that, too, so her countdown won’t get disrupted. She has dormant accounts on Instagram and Triller, ready to carry TikTok’s candy-cane baton if need be.  

And what happens on December 26? 

“I will see what my followers want when the time comes,” Lillian says. “But I will most likely take a little break then continue a little after Christmas.”

It really does come earlier every year.