After Claudia Conway posted (and later deleted) TikTok videos in which her mother, Kellyanne Conway, can be heard shouting at her, and accused her of verbal and physical abuse, YouTuber Tana Mongeau offered support for the younger Conway on Twitter. On Monday night, Mongeau went a step further, going live on Instagram while FaceTiming with the 16-year-old during what appeared to be in an altercation with her family that involved the police. 

“They’re calling the cops on Claudia in her house right now,” Mongeau said at the top of the live, which she said she was streaming with permission from Claudia. 

The Conways’ argument appeared to be about the deleted TikTok videos, as well as a topless photo of Claudia that her mother allegedly posted as a Fleet on Twitter before deleting it. A rep from Twitter told Variety that they are investigating the incident.


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In the 18-minute livestream, Kellyanne can be heard accusing her daughter of putting her life in danger with her TikTok videos. Claudia repeatedly says she does not feel safe in her home. The livestream ends when a police officer takes Claudia’s phone and ends the FaceTime call. 

In the livestream and on Twitter, Mongeau says Child Protective Services would have already taken the Conway children out of the home were it not for Kellyanne’s white privilege and role in the Trump administration. 

Kellyanne “fully called [Claudia] every mean thing you ever could. name etc. broke my heart,” Mongeau tweeted after the livestream. “truly hopes she knows she’s none of that #justiceforclaudia”

Claudia’s family struggles have played out in public since her account was first discovered in summer 2020. At one point she announced her intentions to pursue emancipation, and later broke the news of her mother’s Covid-19 infection. While she has always had the support of her TikTok community, it wasn’t until last week that Mongeau publicly reached out to offer her support. It seems the two have been in communication since, with Mongeau acting as a mouthpiece to amplify Claudia’s claims to her almost six million Instagram followers.