I’m gonna be real with you—I don’t understand what the cool kids are up to these days. As a millennial, I feel old, broken, and tired, and I do not care to pander to Gen Z, unlike some of my peers

That’s why I’m thankful for Lil Bitch (@cacasmiddlename) on Twitter, who always manages to bring me up to speed on the YouTuber drama of the week with her comprehensive, thorough threads on varying influencers and creators. Her latest one, titled “The Problem With David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad,” is all about—you guessed it—YouTuber David Dobrik, someone whose appeal I can’t wrap my brain around for the life of me, which is why I don’t fit in with the youths.

Now, I’ve been hearing Dobrik’s name for quite some time, but all I really knew was that the “cool kids” loved him. Originally from Slovakia, Dobrik got his start on the now-defunct video-sharing app Vine (RIP) before making his way over to both YouTube and TikTok to conquer both, respectively. He now brings in tens of millions of views a video and collaborates with some of the biggest names on the platform. 

One of these names you might’ve heard before is Trisha Paytas, a controversial content creator in her own right. Paytas used to be in a relationship with Jason Nash, another famous YouTuber whose questionable behavior—like hanging out with 16-year-old TikTok teens as a 47-year-old man—needs to be unpacked entirely at a later date. Either way, Paytas and Dobrik had a friendship that quickly deteriorated after, according to her, Dobrik pranked her after getting out of the shower and uploaded the video, filmed her and Nash having sex without her consent, and more. 

Paytas also alleges that Dobrik has enabled abusers, including fellow YouTuber Durte Dom, who was still featured prominently in Dobrik’s videos even after he was credibly accused of sexually abusing minors (Dobrik has a history of icing out others for less).

Dobrik’s former friend Seth Francois, who’s Black, has come forward to allege that Dobrik had a history of racist and inappropriate behavior towards him that included bullying, gaslighting, and tricking him into kissing and touching people he wasn’t comfortable with for the purpose of a vlog. Big Nik, another former friend of Dobrik’s who has a medical condition that makes him shorter than average, voiced his discomfort with the fact that Dobrik exploited him and made him a punchline for content. Dobrik supposedly cut him off and stopped including him in videos, and did the same thing to Francois for voicing his discomfort as well.

There’s a lot more, but let’s just say I’ve already heard enough about this Dobrik character, and I wish him the worst. Read the rest of the thread here

Danielle Bernstein Is Back At It Again

To no one’s surprise, accused intellectual-property kleptomaniac Danielle Bernstein is back, this time allegedly stealing the inspiration for an #OOTD shot from a blogger with only 24,000 followers (Bernstein has 2.1 million).

Blogger Kelsey Kotzur came out on both Instagram and TikTok yesterday to point out the striking similarities between her post and Bernstein’s, and the fact that Bernstein shared hers less than 24 hours after she did.

Now, if this were anyone else, you could argue that this was coincidental. But with a pattern of behavior that’s impossible to ignore, Bernstein has proven that she doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. That hasn’t stopped her from ignoring the growing backlash—per usual—and turning off her Instagram comments, though. 

I Promise This Is Not What Actual Crotches Look Like

Content warning: The following could be triggering for those with a history of eating disorders. 

A photo of Kendall Jenner modeling Kim Kardashians’ Skims line went viral last week and the responses were pretty devastating to witness. Think things like, “my life would be complete if I just looked like this,” “BRB, never eating again,” etc., etc.

Let’s put things into perspective: It’s important to note that Jenner’s body here is seemingly heavily photoshopped. Not to mention, it’s entirely possible (and likely) that Jenner has undergone things like hip fillers, stomach tightening, and more—she certainly has access to them, along with luxuries like personal trainers and chefs. Most importantly: No vagina lips look like that in underwear, and that tells you everything you need to know about how “real” this photo is.

Jenner—who’s been called out repeatedly over the past year for throwing massive parties and taking lavish vacations during a pandemic—took it upon herself to address the virality, for once.

Thank you Kendall, very cool.