Quick question: Why do the D’Amelio sisters keep uploading videos that genuinely make them look bad?

A few weeks back I wrote about Charli and Dixie D’Amelio receiving flack for how they treated a personal chef in one of their “Dinner With the D’Amelios” videos—their behavior included spitting out the food he prepared, miming vomiting, and asking for “dino nuggets”—and this latest vid uploaded by Dixie doesn’t do her any favors in the PR department, either. 

In the YouTube video, Dixie, 19, and her boyfriend Noah Beck—also 19, and a certified member of the “boys who dance shirtless on TikTok while wearing dangly cross earrings” persuasion—take a lie detector test together.

 Awkwardness quickly ensues. Beck asks D’Amelio if she sees herself marrying him, to which she responds “no.” (FWIW, the lie detector test determined that was a lie.) He also asks her if she’s embarrassed to post him on Instagram, if she’s ever thought about breaking up with him, and if she’s mean to him on purpose. (In response to the latter, she justifies it by saying she doesn’t “do it on purpose,” and that she doesn’t actually think she’s mean, and Beck is “just sensitive.”)

 Look—I am usually the last person to defend teenage boys who gyrate their bodies on TikTok shirtless in basketball shorts. So if this video somehow compels me to want to protect Noah Beck at all costs, you know it’s bad. 

The thing is, D’Amelio is only 19, and I certainly wasn’t the most mature person when I was that age (last year), either. I empathize with the fact that she was thrust into the spotlight at a young age and, understandably, likely doesn’t know how to manage and metabolize her newfound fame. 

But here’s my unsolicited advice, as someone who’s never worked in Hollywood but sustains myself on blind gossip blogs: Once you get a reputation for being rude and entitled in show business, your star power will fade fast. (Just look at Katherine Heigl!) And here, we’re not even dealing with leaked stories—we’re talking about videos that D’Amelio is voluntarily uploading herself. Why in the world? 

For the sake of her career, I truly hope D’Amelio reconsiders who she’s employing in her video editing and PR departments—but more importantly, I hope she grows up and realizes how fleeting fame can be when you don’t treat people with respect! 

Perez Hilton Was Kicked Off TikTok and Threw a Fit

Speaking of TikTok and D’Amelios, 42-year-old Perez Hilton got banned from the platform this week for violating their terms of service by “posting content containing slurs, hate speech, sexual behavior, nudity, and bullying,” according to The New York Times. He subsequently posted a video of himself crying and begging 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio for help getting his account back. 

This is the darkest timeline. 

FYI, the ban comes after months of teens accusing the washed-up celebrity terrorist of harassment and inappropriate interactions on the app, so it’s safe to say TikTok is a safer place without his brand of creepy, predatory misogyny. (I highly recommend perusing the below thread if you’re not familiar with the allegations.)

Arielle Charnas Held Another “Motherhood Panel” With All White Women

Does she never learn? (Don’t answer that—I already know.) The infamously awful influencer Arielle Charnas received loads of pissed-off comments just last week for hosting a “motherhood panel” that featured exclusively white, wealthy women connected to Charnas either through her personal life or business. 

As a reminder, many of the comments read her for filth: “If you want to post about candid motherhood conversations, go speak to some non-white, non-upper class mothers and include their perspectives in this. Include moms who don’t have such a fairytale of an experience as you all seem to do.” 

“I would’ve been great to include a mother of color, a mother who maybe decided to have children later in life, a mother going through hardship due to a lost job (significant majority of America right now)... As a brand solely focused on Instagram followers with media attention—do better with your platform or take time to actually educate yourself on how to do so.” 

And what does she do? She posted another one this week! With the exact same group of white women! 

I can’t overstate how simultaneously disappointing yet unsurprising this is. She literally doesn’t care, people. For shame.