For someone who just lost 45 million followers, Dixie D’Amelio has a pretty good sense of humor. The 19-year-old’s TikTok account appeared to be hacked on Sunday, December 14, and then disappeared overnight. It was restored on Monday morning. 

“i guess dixie123 was a bad password,” she joked in the comments of TikTokRoom, which posted about the deletion. 

"We immediately locked the D'Amelios' accounts to prevent any misuse, and we're working with them to better protect their accounts in the future," a spokesperson for TikTok told us in a statement. "For more tips on how to secure your account, visit our TikTok account safety page."

 Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted Sunday evening that the company was in the process of restoring the account, according to a source.

The hacker also targeted Dixie’s father, Marc D’Amelio.

In a livestream and the description of the hacked TikTok account, the hacker identified himself as Instagram user @koiiddd.

The Instagram account already has over 3,000 followers and just one post, on which D’Amelio commented asking for her account back.

The user also posted an Instagram Story of what looks like a FaceTime call with D’Amelio. 

The eldest D’Amelio sister’s good humor has some claiming the whole thing is a PR stunt, but it’s likely just because she was never danger of permenantly losing her account. The D’Amelios are TikTok’s royal family, so much so that Perez Hilton appealed directly to them this weekend to help restore his own account after it was deleted by TikTok for reportedly violating community guidelines (although Hilton insinuates in a YouTube video that it may have been done instead as retaliation for his controversial commentary on creators and criticism of the company). The family has not responded publicly. 

Shortly after Marc D’Amelio’s was restored back to normal, his daughter’s followed suit. The whole thing took less than 24 hours, and will probably just inspire her next single.