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It’s a wild time for creators and influencers, even by the protean standards of this young culture. Creators are beating the entertainment conglomerates—or maybe just doing their bidding. Journalists, sex workers, and 77-year-old music critics (well, one) are winning on subscription platforms and services. A kerfuffle on Twitter helped a stereotype-defying English influencer capture the hearts of Black American women on Instagram. 

The second issue of nofilter is a snapshot of the chaotic good being created by everything from Substack to OnlyFans to magazine YouTube channels right now—with a little chaotic evil in the frame (more on that below).

One woman who defined what it means to be an influencer and has surfed every iteration of the life, from blogger to Instagrammer to podcaster—and will soon launch a product line—is Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, aka The Skinny Confidential. She explains how exactly she did it in our latest installment of Making It.

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Lifestyle influencing comes at you fast, so we also took a look at the new generation of Instagram fashionistas and their up-to-the-minute approach, which, in the words of writer Sophie Ross, is less “Look at me!” and more “Oh, I didn’t see you there.”

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If those Gen Zers are taking a bit of the gloss off the superinfluencer aesthetic, the pair of women who go by Influencers Truth and Deux Moi are stripping it bare, aggressively covering everything from borderline illegal loop giveaways to the Myka Stauffer adoption fiasco—and helping foment a mini-revolution among some top accounts’ followers.

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Meanwhile, some of the most supportive followers, Sesali Bowen writes, are the ones who “gas up” plus-sized influencers like herself. “The compliments, heart eyes, and flame emojis runneth over,” when she posts tasteful nudes, lingerie, or swimsuit photos, Bowen, aka Bad Fat Black Girl, writes. “And I’m certainly not the only fat girl on the block experiencing this.” But Bowen and the other influencers she interviews also sees a worrying pattern in this dynamic.

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Finally, we catch up with favorite internet “aunt” Carla Lalli Music of Bon Appétit YouTube series Back-to-Back Chef, who just won a James Beard Award for her first book and is already at work on her next. She shares some behind-the-scenes stories—like the time Hailee Steinfeld got stumped after being asked to cut a potato lengthwise; “I was like, ‘Ohhhh shit’”—and what it’s like to deal with trolls: “The worst is when someone says something that hits on your own insecurity. People who didn’t like my voice. A lot of men have issues with women’s voices.”

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