The more mysterious Emma Chamberlain is about her love life, the deeper fans dive into social media clues. The YouTuber, who has over nine million subscribers, finally confirmed to Hollywood Fix on Wednesday that she was indeed in a relationship. But fans knew something the paparazzi did not: That mysterious rumored boyfriend? He was right behind her. Tucker Pillsbury, AKA the 23-year-old musician Role Model.

While neither Chamberlain nor Pillsbury have confirmed they’re in a relationship (and their reps did not immediately respond to a request for comment), fans have suspected as much for a while since the pair frequently appear on the Instagram @filmpicsbyliv, which is run by both Chamberlain and her best friend Olivia Rouyre.


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TikTok sleuthers put the pieces together based on Instagram pictures that show the pair in each other’s houses and cars.

They also frequently comment on each other’s Instagram posts, and Pillsbury follows both Chamberlain’s coffee company and her dad, Michael Chamberlain. 

While it’s not likely Chamberlain dropped these breadcrumbs on purpose—she declined to confirm the name of her boyfriend to Hollywood Fix—the sleuthing stage of determining a celebrity relationship is arguably more interesting to fans than the relationship itself. Instagram accounts like TikTokRoom and Comments By Celebs have ballooned to their respective one and half million followers each because of the need to satiate fans’ desires to be aware of every single social media move made by their faves. 

This is also why social media celebrities are increasingly more compelling than their Hollywood counterparts, who hide in their mansions and stay relatively offline. Fans don’t need to rely on gossip magazines or polished publicist statements to know what’s going on with their idols. The answers are right at their fingertips—or in the case of Emma Chamberlain’s Hollywood Fix video, right in front of their faces.