Joe Biden may have won the U.S presidential election, but the internet, of course, is still arguing. As the torturously long vote-counting began winding down in places like Pennsylvania, fans of YouTuber Emma Chamberlain erupted after a screenshot appearing to show the 19-year-old as a registered Republican made the rounds online. The backlash was so swift that Chamberlain—who seemingly disputed the screenshot on Instagram—deactivated her Twitter account. She wasn’t the only internet star to defend herself this weekend. 

While TikTok user AmandaLee Fago admitted to supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 election, costing her hundreds of thousands of followers, Chamberlain says the rumors about her are inaccurate. 

“I really don’t like to engage in any internet drama/lies. But today is a VERY big day,” Chamberlain wrote on her Instagram story. “Today is a day to celebrate. I really don’t want to spend today defending made up facts about me. I hope we can all come together today, celebrate, and LOVE each other. The future is very bright.”


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No sooner was this cleared up than Marc D’Amelio, father of Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, issued a statement about his own political affiliations. 

D’Amelio ran as a Republican for the Connecticut Senate in 2017. But it was some of his past Twitter likes that prompted scrutiny from D’Amelio family fans: In 2018 and 2019, D’Amelio liked disparaging memes about U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez, as well as tweets calling Vice President-elect Kamala Harris “the most annoying 2020 candidate.” He also liked a tweet by politician Stevie Rivenbark Hull in which she described herself as “pro-life, pro-woman, pro-gun, and pro-God” and “the Democrat Party’s greatest nightmare.” 

D’Amelio did not dispute his Twitter activity in a statement on Instagram, captured by TikTokRoom, but says he never supported Donald Trump and is a fan of Joe Biden. 

“I vote for the person and not the party,” he wrote, adding, “As someone who is a longtime voter and has rolled up his sleeve and ran for office I suggest you do your research when choosing who you vote for and help educate others well [sic] not condemning them for their beliefs.”

The political leanings of a famous TikTokker’s dad would not be of as much interest were it not for the fact that the D’Amelios are well on their way to becoming the next Kardashian family. With a reality show in the works and parents Marc and Hiedi with their own followings in the millions, even Twitter likes have an impact—which is perhaps why Chamberlain decided it wasn’t worth it and deleted the platform altogether.