Everything about HBO’s Euphoria is TikTok-bait: The makeup, the clothes, the catchy dialogue that has been used many-a-time in TikTok audios. Production of the second season suspended in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, and recently Zendaya confirmed that it would be some time before it could resume, since much of the plot isn’t exactly social-distancing friendly. But fans are experiencing anything but a lull. In the few weeks, the show has actually had a resurgence of popularity on TikTok thanks to a remix of Bea Miller’s “Feel Something” and Labrinth’s “Still Don’t Know My Name,” the latter of which was part of Euphoria’s season one soundtrack. 

Everyone from Addison Rae to Noen Eubanks has hopped aboard the trend, which involves lip-syncing the first half the lyrics (“I just wanna feel something, I just wanna feel”) without makeup. As soon as the song flips to “Still Don’t Know My Name,” the video cuts to dark mood lighting with the user suddenly wearing sparkly makeup and colorful eyeliner, with perhaps a stick-on jewel or two. Typically, the transition happens as the creator falls back onto their pillows.


I had to jump of the #euphoria train. This took me forever just so I can get like 100 views. #euphoriavibes #euphoriamakeup

♬ feel something - bea miller - valenn🐺

can the girls and the gays blow this up while i take a nap 😌 #euphoria #euphoriamakeup

♬ feel something - bea miller - valenn🐺

this might be my fav tik tok i’ve ever made hehe 😌✨🪐

♬ feel something - bea miller - valenn🐺

The song hasn’t exclusively been used for Euphoria-inspired videos. The switch from “Feel Something” to “Still Don’t Know My Name” provides the perfect soundtrack for many types of before-and-after videos, including people showing themselves before and after quarantine.

(That specific trend tends to get a little dark, so keep that in mind before perusing.)

As for Euphoria, it’s going to take a lot of 20-second videos before enough time has passed that filming can safely resume. But on the bright side, there will be no shortage of makeup inspiration on TikTok once it does.