Influencing is officially a family business. Many influencers have famous parents to thank for their popularity (hello, Olivia Jade), but influencers have not been around long enough for their children to follow in their footsteps. Everleigh Rose, the nearly 8-year-old daughter of YouTubers Savannah and Cole LaBrant, might, however, be one of the first. 

In the most recent video posted on the LaBrant Fam YouTube channel, Everleigh is finally given her own TikTok account, Everleigh.Rose9 (her actual name was already taken—by an Everleigh Rose fanpage). In just 24 hours, she’s earned over 110,000 followers on the app. This, coupled with the Instagram account her parents have been running for her since she was four, means they’ve basically set her up with a clout trust fund. By the time Everleigh is old enough to well and truly use social media independent of her parents, she’ll have at least the combined five million Instagram and TikTok followers she’s already accrued waiting for her.

She’s also already executed her first sponsored posts. Last month, she snapped an Instagram photo in collaboration with L.O.L Surprise, a toy brand, and in 2019, she made a video for Disney Junior. 

The unique thing about her TikTok account, though, is that the LaBrants say in their video that Everleigh will be the one behind the screen as well as in front of it. It’s why they’ve instituted a number of rules—the app is downloaded on a phone separate from Everleigh’s normal device so her access is controlled, she must get permission from her parents before every post, and comments are turned off to prevent abuse.


First TikTok on my very own TikTok account😎 So excited!

♬ That boy Dougie - KarlLimpin 👽

It’s hard to say what the future holds. Children of famous parents often end up in their industry, almost by default, but Everleigh already has an audience that people spend their whole careers working towards. In another eight years, and perhaps another five million followers, Everleigh still won’t have reached adulthood. It’s starting to make Charli D’Amelio’s almost 100 million followers look weak.