YouTuber Gabi DeMartino has posted a brief apology video on her channel addressing the video she uploaded on her now-deactivated OnlyFans account. According to her OnlyFans followers, the 25-year-old offered subscribers access to a video of herself as a young child flashing the camera, along with the caption “won’t put my panties on,” for three dollars. The video was quickly flagged as inappropriate and her account suspended. While the creator initially rejected claims that she was selling child pornography, she returned to YouTube on Thursday to post an apology video acknowledging that she had created a “very, very serious issue.” 

"Drama channels are trying to make something out of a childhood video of me, that's hilarious," DeMartino told Business Insider earlier this week. "They're reaching."

But she struck a different tone in her apology video.

“It’s not okay and I’m really sorry,” she says in the two minute dispatch, later adding through tears, “I would never do anything to exploit or harm a child.”

Gabi’s rise to fame was in tandem with her sister, Niki, through their YouTube channel Niki and Gabi. The pair currently have over nine million subscribers on their joint account, but Niki posted her own statement on Twitter announcing that they’re temporarily stepping back from the shared channel. She also appears to be distancing herself from her sister, liking tweets that emphasize that she was not involved in the scandal. 

“I am horrified by what’s happened, and I understand why so many people are hurt and angry. I am hurting too,” Niki wrote in her statement, later tweeting that her sister “100% needs to hear the backlash to learn from this.” 

“I love you all so much, and I hope you understand why we won’t be posting on the Niki and Gabi YouTube channel together while our family deals with this crisis,” the statement concludes.