Thirty-year-old lifestyle and fashion YouTuber Grace Victory announced on Twitter that she has regained consciousness after being put in a medically induced coma over Christmas. It's unclear exactly when Victory woke up, but she wrote on Twitter and Instagram that her baby boy is "thriving" at home. 

Victory was put in a medically induced coma due to complications with Coronavirus after giving birth to her first son. A December 28 post on the UK creator’s Instagram account, which has over 200,000 followers, from her family assured followers that her son was healthy and that Victory was stable, but it was almost three months before followers had an update on her condition.

“Grace developed Covid-19 two weeks ago and although her symptoms were mild at first, they worsened as the days went on,” the initial post reads. “Which meant they had [to] deliver the baby as soon as possible, as she was just too unwell to carry on with the pregnancy.”

According to her Instagram bio, Victory’s baby was originally due in February 2021.

Victory and her boyfriend, musician LPW, welcomed their son on December 24, and Victory was admitted into intensive care the next day, according to the post. 

The UK creator announced her pregnancy back in August and revealed earlier this month that she had been hospitalized in November due to extreme dehydration. 

“I was on the verge of having anemia and I was basically completely and utterly burnt out,” she says in her storytime video about the experience.

Victory’s boyfriend confirmed the latest update on his Instagram Story. The comments on the creator’s Instagram, once filled with worried well-wishes, are now filled with celebration of her recovery. 

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