I know this is the least of Hannah Berner’s recent transgressions, but I still find it incredibly frustrating. 

The star of Summer House—which ushered in its fifth season this past week with, IMO, a lukewarm premiere—appeared to have plagiarized a tweet nearly verbatim recently. The worst part is, this is apparently a pattern for her.

I know this isn’t a huge deal in the big scheme of things. But if you’ve read up on the scandals surrounding meme “aggregator” accounts like The Fat Jew and Fuck Jerry, you’ll understand why this kind of behavior is actually problematic. 

Another example—a tweet from December 16, 2020:

And Berner’s slightly reworded tweet two days later:

A viral tweet from December 17, 2020:

Berner on December 18:

There are many, many more examples. All you have to do is use the Twitter search bar. 

My issue is this: Berner bills herself as a comedian. She has a podcast, a social following, and a live tour—basically, any up-and-coming comedienne’s dream. Her social platforms have led to endorsements and deals. And although she may see stealing tweets from smaller accounts as relatively harmless, as far as I’m concerned, any of these “smaller accounts” could potentially be wannabe comedians as well. In other words, when you steal jokes on Twitter or Instagram and subsequently profit off of them, you’re essentially stealing someone’s livelihood as well. (You can read more about it in some of these articles, but that’s basically what it boils down to.) 

Beyond that, it’s just lazy and lame. I appreciate the art of a good joke more than anyone, and nothing makes me write someone off faster than finding out they steal them. (Well, other than outing someone’s suicidal ideations and mocking autism, both of which Berner is also guilty of.)

Yes, the Rumors Are True

You heard it here (or, on my Twitter last week) first: Ivanka Trump and Arielle Charnas are now BFFs, along with Arielle’s influencer cousin Candice Miller (aka @mamaandtata on Instagram). The three allegedly reside in the same luxury condo—as the building’s sole residents at the moment, actually—at a rate of roughly $47,000 a month.

For the record, Arielle’s camp denied the allegations to The Daily Mail:

Arielle's spokesperson vehemently denied that she is friendly with Ivanka, insisting that the women have never actually met.

*Quietly wonders if Arielle’s “spokesperson” is Brandon Charnas*

Influencers Are Low-Key Destroying the World

No, this is not hyperbole—the fast fashion peddled by influencers is, quite literally, destroying the world. I touched on this briefly in a column discussing Danielle Bernstein a few weeks back, but The Atlantic lays out the environmental epidemic perpetuated by “content creators” and brands like Pretty Little Thing in brilliant fashion—no pun intended. 

I highly recommend giving the article a read for yourself—it’s important.