As reports about an allegation of sexual misconduct against TikTokker Ondreaz Lopez surfaced on the internet last week, YouTuber and influencer Hannah Stocking, Lopez’s girlfriend, deleted all her Instagram photos with him. The pair were believed to have been dating since September, and while they have not officially confirmed the split, Stocking’s friend, creator Lele Pons, addressed the situation when approached by The Hollywood Fix at LAX on Monday. 

“She’s gonna get through it. She is amazing,” Pons said of Stocking. “Hannah is someone that’s so strong...She’s gonna grow from this so much and she’s gonna become a better person, a better version of herself. And I think Hannah is haven’t seen the best of her yet. And it makes me emotional.”

As for how Stocking is healing from the presumed breakup, Pons says the creator is “taking it slow,” referring to the whole ordeal as “shocking.”

Lopez, 23, was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old in TikTok videos and a resurfaced legal document. A rep for Lopez denied the allegation in a statement to nofilter last Friday. 

“This is nothing but a scam and an attempted shakedown,” the spokesperson said.

Lopez’s younger brother, Tony, has also been accused of sexually assaulting minors, and is currently being sued for sexual battery.

Stocking has continued to post on social media as normal, and hasn’t addressed the rumored split. But she did post and delete an Instagram Story of herself crying following the public accusation last week, and today commenters accused her of posting, deleting, and reuploading an Instagram video in order to remove a clip of Lopez. She also posted a cryptic photo caption on Monday that may be in reference to the split:

"New hair, new beginnings 💛 Excited for the future."