The VSCO girl made way for the Bruh Girl, and then Karens started yelling about being forced to wear face masks in stores. In just one year, TikTok has introduced the world to many different types of women, and the latest to dominate the app is a “Heather.” The term grew out of the song of the same name by Conan Gray, the music video for which just dropped on YouTube . Initially ambiguous, “Heather” has come to describe a girl who is more than just the popular Homecoming Queen—she’s perfect in every sense of the word. 

“Why would you ever kiss me?/I'm not even half, as pretty,” the lyrics for Gray’s song read. “You gave her your sweater/It's just polyester, but you like her better/Wish I were Heather.”

In another verse, Gray asks, “But how could I hate her?/She's such an angel.”

The sentiment turns a familiar feeling on its head. It’s jealousy, but a Heather is not the popular girl you hate, nor someone you resent for being the object of your object’s attention. Instead, she’s someone so perfect that even you can’t help but be mesmerized. In the videos, any talk of Heathers is accompanied by a snippet of Gray’s song, and many people are using it to compliment their own parents and family members.


#greenscreen it’s over for you fake Heathers. #fyp #heather

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The term’s initially undefinable nature means it quickly took on a life of its own, for better or worse.

“Heather is so much more than being pretty,” one TikTok clarified after Trump supporters began using the term. “You can’t be Heather if you’re mean.”

However, that hasn’t stopped the trope from warping into an all-too-familiar beauty standard, with people posting the “Heathers” in their schools and friend groups.

In response, people are making TikToks to counter the Heather narrative, which may officially mark this as one of the shortest meme cycles on the app.

The only unproblematic Heathers? Dog Heathers.


She’s so pretty 🥰 #fyp #heather

♬ youre cute - ro