Despite a turbulent start, 2021 is still likely to be a better year than 2020. The rise of Yung Baby Tate’s “I Am” featuring Flo Milli on TikTok shows users there setting a positive agenda. The song’s catchphrase—“I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that bitch”—has become an intention-setting anthem for people looking to glow up and get their bag over the next 12 months. 

As of January 11, the song has appeared in just under 10,000 TikTok videos, manifesting a productive, profitable year. The other lyrics build on the “I am that bitch” theme:

I am gonna go get that bag

And I am not gonna take your shit (Uh)

I am protected, well respected

I'm a queen, I'm a dream.

The videos typically pair the sound with a tranquil scene, like a woman looking off into the distance in the morning, or doing her makeup. Popular creators like Brooklynne Webb have hopped on the trend.



♬ I Am (feat. Flo Milli) - Yung Baby Tate

better say em if u want the best for urself 😇#fyp

♬ I Am (feat. Flo Milli) - Yung Baby Tate

The song itself is from Atlanta rapper Yung Baby Tate’s (real name Tate Sequoya Farris) December 2020 EP After The Rain, her sixth EP and first project following her 2019 debut album, GIRLS. The track features Flo Milli, a rising Mobile, Alabama star who’s already well-established on TikTok. Her song “May I” has been used in more than one million videos, while her track “In The Party” has been featured in close to 400,000 uses on the app. 

Yung Baby Tate herself has had a taste of TikTok fame as a featured artist on Ashnikko’s song “STUPID,” which has been used as a sound in over two million videos.

Only time will tell whether the universe is hearing our “I Am” manifestations. But the song, at least, is poised to take off on TikTok, and if 2020 did teach us anything, it’s that TikTok feeds real-world success.