Indi Rossi’s influencer journey is impressively short. In January, the actress and creator started her YouTube channel—and ended up earning 100,000 subscribers in just four months. Now, she has 213,000 who tune into her reaction videos and skits, which often pay homage to her love of Indian culture.

Given her relatively quick success, YouTube is Rossi’s primary platform. She earns money through ad revenue from her videos, as well as a business she began with her partner to share their YouTube wisdom.

“It's going really well," she says in a phone call. "I like to help women entrepreneurs generate audiences to position themselves as leaders in their niche.”


Rossi prefers YouTube to her Instagram because it acts as a central hub for all her accounts. 

“It sends people to all my other social media and I barely have to do any effort in terms of growing on my other platforms,” she says. “I haven't posted on Instagram a lot lately because I've been focusing on my business, but I keep checking on it once in a while. My follower count goes up every day.” 

Rossi says she hasn’t taken a break in months, which is how she’s managed to grow so quickly in such a short period of time. However, she’s already learned a ton of lessons about the influencer world, and she shared some of her key findings about boundaries, brand deals, and networking below.


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Consistency is key

The most important thing is probably being consistent with what you're posting about. It was kind of a joke at the beginning. I said, “You know, it would be great if we could make a hundred thousand followers before my birthday”— which is June 14th. And then it was May 14th and we hit the 100,000 subscriber mark. It's a daily benchmark to make sure we're doing the same thing we need to do every day. And then the subscribers that come are consistent also. We're picking up about a thousand subscribers every day. 

Set boundaries

The one thing I wish I knew [when I started] was to be careful with how much I engage my audience. It's a very fine line to walk. Engagement is definitely key for growing, but if you make yourself too available, it will be very detrimental to not only your mental health, but also your business because people are going to start to expect too much of you. 

Brand deals aren't the be-all, end-all for influencers

I did a lot of research about how to price myself and I think we settled on $10 for every thousand followers. FameBit was how I landed my first brand deal, but then they canceled it basically. And they said, ‘We're going to send brands to you if we think you fit.” So it took away everyone's power in terms of finding deals. I've [also] had so many local people be, “Hey, can we work with you on our stuff?” But so many of them don't want to pay. So I kinda stopped doing brand deals and just focused on the business side of things and the YouTube growth business. 

Collaborate with other people has a great advanced search feature. I've used that multiple times to go find influencers who have the same audience I do, and then do a promote-for-promote. I picked up like a thousand followers every couple of days when I was doing that.