Gen Z Is Turning The Camera Back On The Paparazzi 

In the days since I wrote this piece about Emma Chamberlain opening up in a vlog about an uncomfortable paparazzi experience she had while out in LA, another group of young content creators took things to the next level. TikTokkers Emmy Hartman, @ianisuglyy, and @josiahisreal performed an entire skit in front of a Hollywood Fix pap after feeding him false information about Bryce Hall pooping his pants at a party.

Would You Trust A Tarot Reading on TikTok?

Writer Sophie Saint Thomas was skeptical about the legitimacy of those TikTok tarot readings showing up on her For You page, but after talking with creators like Bryanna “Hazel” Smith, she was converted to what may be the future of the witch industry.

Trans Influencer Eden The Doll Was Attacked On Instagram Live

Eden The Doll and two friends were attacked on the streets of Hollywood while bystanders not only stood and watched, but live-streamed the entire encounter. The police confirmed to nofilter that they are looking into it.

Are you a Bruh Girl, a VSCO Girl, or a Heather?

‘Heather,’ the newest type of TikTok girl, was inspired by a Conan Gray song. Some users say the term perpetuates a toxic stereotype.

Post Office Workers Are TikTok Stars, Too

In case you weren’t already energized to save the USPS, let TikTok star and St. Louis, Missouri mail carrier Chad Wallace explain why the service is so vital—and how you can help. 

If You Could Fly Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Go?

For bored users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s directly into the sea.