Many predicted that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner would get an icy reception if and when they attempted to return to the liberal-leaning upper-crust social scene in New York City. Instead, they seem to be finding a warm reception down south. Judging from a tip shared with our very own Sophie Ross and photos posted by The Daily Mail, it appears as if the former first daughter and advisor to President Trump could be attempting a comeback with the help of two prominent influencers. 

Florida has become a burgeoning hub for influencers over the past year, with the notorious Arielle Charnas, most prominently, relocating to Miami from New York City. Jared and Ivanka have temporarily settled in the same luxury condos at Arte Surfside where Charnas and husband Brandon Charnas are now living. That’s also where Charnas's cousin, the influencer Candice Miller of @mamaandtata, lives, according to Ross’ source. New neighbors Charnas and Trump have apparently become friendly, and a photo posted by The Daily Mail shows a woman who many think is Miller chatting with Trump on the beach. Miller did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Arielle and Miller have both cultivated brands as wealthy moms. Miller has two children, and Charnas is currently expecting a third. Now that some other paths have been closed to her, following her widely condemned work in her father’s administration and the shuttering of her fashion brand, Trump—a stylish and business-savvy mother of three who earned at least $23 million dollars with her husband last year—could seamlessly pivot into a fashion and lifestyle influencer career. 

Donald Trump has been banned from almost all prominent social media platforms and from SAG-AFTRA, and, if impeachment proceedings go the Democrats’ way, will be barred from running for president again. Even before she referred (in a since-deleted tweet) to January 6th rioters at the Capitol as “patriots,” Ivanka’s support for her father prompted companies like Neiman Marcus to drop her fashion brand. And while it’s reasonable to assume that she will not be welcomed back into all of her old circles, Trump still has fame and money and unfettered access to massive social media followings. And in Charnas, at least, she has more than just a model for monetizing privileged white motherhood: With all the scandals Charnas has unrepentantly shrugged off, she may be the perfect inspiration for a woman who has everything, and is eager to flaunt it before her critics.