Now that Jake Paul is the subject of an FBI investigation, his behavior more than just fodder for YouTube drama channels and Instagram tea accounts. As the Daily Dot noticed over the weekend, the 23-year-old is now a key player in yet another QAnon conspiracy, with followers of the movement baselessly theorizing that he is trafficking children at his Calabasas mansion.

Paul seemed to respond to this theory, and other rumors that were circulating about the reason for the raid, in a video posted by The Bread Batch on Wednesday.

“There are rumors about it having to do with so many other things that have nothing to do with me or my character,” he said. “The shit that people are making up is absolutely absurd.”

He added that once he becomes aware that someone he associates with is problematic, he cuts them out of his life.

"I don’t surround myself with bad people, and if someone does something bad, they will be removed from my life," he added. 


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QAnon conspiracies began in 2016 with Pizzagate, a debunked theory that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring in the basement of a D.C. pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong. QAnon promotes the idea that President Trump is a secret warrior against a liberal “deep state” that enables the abuse and murder of children. Despite the fact that their conspiracy theories are routinely proven false, followers of QAnon have recently accused furniture company Wayfair of selling children and Chrissy Teigen of being wrapped up in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. QAnon accounts have become so intrusive that Twitter has made moves to ban them.

Through photoshopped graphics and frantic tweets, theorists are now similarly promoting the narrative that the FBI raid on Paul was in connection to sex trafficking, an idea largely fueled by a May 2019 incident in which multiple women were allegedly drugged while at a party in Paul’s mansion. The claims were investigated by the police and Paul has not been charged. However, a photoshopped tweet makes the false claim that a California police report on the FBI raid references child sex trafficking.

In a statement to ABC 7, the FBI said the raid was in connection to “allegations of criminal acts surrounding the incident at Scottsdale Fashion Square in May 2020,” which Paul corrobortes in his recent video. That was when Jake Paul, Arman Izadi, and Andrew Leon were charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly at a protest against the death of George Floyd in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

This post was updated on August 13.