Jake Paul wasn’t the only influencer to flout local health laws and throw a party during the pandemic. Last week, YouTuber Tyler Oakley posted a tweet tagging people like James Charles, Tana Mongeau, and Charli D’Amelio after they were all spotted at a large party at the Hype House in Los Angeles without any apparent social distancing protocols, including masks. 

“Please consider social distancing, mask wearing, & using your huge platforms to encourage responsibility during a worldwide pandemic,” he wrote.

The party was a surprise thrown by creator Nikita Dragun for TikTokker Larray’s birthday. Larray responded to the tweet with an apology, and a week later, people like Charles, Mongeau, and YouTuber Erika Costell are also addressing the backlash against influencers repeatedly going to large gatherings. 

“i understand 100% where ur coming from & it was a dumb thing to do,” Larray replied on Wednesday. “I will do better & will actually take this shit seriously. appreciate you tyler much love.” 

However, Charles stayed silent until it came time for him to upload his vlog about the party in question. While much of the vlog is dedicated to getting ready for the celebration that night, Charles replaced the party footage with a disclaimer. 

“Even though I have been wearing a mask in public and have tested negative multiple times, going to a party during a pandemic was a selfish & stupid decision,” he wrote. “People’s safety and keeping COVID-19 contained is FAR more important than celebrating a friend’s birthday and unsafe partying is not something I want to promote to my audience.”

It’s worth noting that in Charles’ video, he gives viewers a look at his calendar, and an event called “drew bday bash” is scheduled for just three days later.

Another party attendee, Tana Mongeau, was forced to apologize after an Instagram video she took with YouTuber Erika Costell at a different party appeared to show the two saying they “don’t fucking care” about the backlash against influencers flouting Coronavirus prevention. Costell later clarified that they actually meant they “don’t fucking care” about the fact that they share the same ex, Jake Paul. Still, this meant both were forced to finally acknowledge their partygoing. 

“I fully hold myself accountable for this and will be staying inside,” Mongeau wrote in her Instagram Story. “Actions like that don’t deserve a platform and I want to fully apologize and be better than this.”

“It was insensitive, careless, and stupid for me to even be at a party during this pandemic,” Costell also wrote on Twitter.

Others in attendance, like the D’Amelio sisters and Emma Chamberlain, have not responded to the backlash.