YouTube has progressed beyond the need for passive aggressive, hour-long videos posted back and forth whenever there’s drama in the community. Instead, YouTuber couple Jatie Vlogs and YouTuber Elijah Wireman hashed things out in real time on Instagram Live for all to see. 

It all started when engaged Los Angeles couple Josh Brueckner and Katie Betzing, the pair behind Jatie Vlogs, encouraged their over two and a half million subscribers to go to their favorite YouTubers’ channels and comment “Subscribe to Jatie Vlogs” on their videos. In other words, hundreds if not thousands of users began spamming the comments of unsuspecting creators. Unsurprisingly, not every creator was thrilled to be part of this, and one in particular went on Instagram Live to call Jatie Vlogs out.

Elijah Wireman, who shares the channel Maddie and Elijah with girlfriend Maddie Joy, publicly responded to the comments after privately messaging with Josh. On Instagram Live, he made a number of accusations against the couple, including that they’re faking their relationship. This prompted Josh and Katie to join Elijah on Instagram Live, and all hell broke loose.

Josh accused Elijah of being a “shit starter,” because he went Live to publicly bash Jatie Vlogs even though he and Josh had already spoken over Instagram DM. Elijah claims this only happened because both couples had misconceptions about the other. 

“I’ve never had a thought in my head about you because I've never met you,” Josh says in the video, which was later posted on Twitter.

“What I consider petty is coming on Instagram Live and bashing someone that you’ve never met and saying we don’t have a real relationship,” Katie adds. This all happened on Instagram Live! With people watching!

“Is this real or a prank?” one viewer wrote in the comments.

It was real. Josh and Katie later debriefed the situation in a YouTube video, and while they declined to name Maddie and Elijah, anyone who tuned into Instagram had just seen it all unfold.


Even for YouTubers, this was messy. While call-out videos and shady comments are a staple of YouTuber creator culture, any actual fighting usually happens when the cameras are off. The whole point of being a content creator is to have control over your image, but the unpredictability of a live argument that almost 250,000 Instagram followers could have tuned into at any moment is a risk. Even Shane Dawson turned off his phone after a few minutes of unfiltered ranting against Tati Westbrook in June. 

Personally, I’m team Maddie: