Two months after Business Insider published numerous of allegations of sexual assault and harassment against YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star, the outlet has followed up the report with leaked documents that appear to show his team’s attempt to quash the investigation. Legal papers and a check, first made public by, appear to show that Gage Arthur—who accused Star of sexual assault, but later retracted the claim—was paid $45,000 for recanting and inducing other accusers to do the same. 

According to the documents, Arthur was offered $25,000 for signing the agreement to recant his allegations and another $20,000 for contacting other sources. He would also receive $25,000 if the Business Insider investigation was not published (it came out October 1). 

The image of Arthuer’s $45,000 check shows it came from Scott C. Andrews, the Chief Financial Officer of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, per Insider.

While Arthur initially told Business Insider that Star tased him and later sexually assaulted him in 2009, he attempted to rescind his account before publication.

"I'm not sure I'm remembering stuff correctly,” he reportedly wrote. "I'm retracting our communications." 

Screenshots obtained by Business Insider show Arthur attempting to convince other sources to back off their claims. Two later attempted to recant their accusations. 

Jeffree Star’s lawyers did not comment on the settlement, but have previously denied all allegations of sexual assault and harassment against the creator.