This morning, many woke up to a public argument between Jeffree Star and ex Andre Marhold that played out over social media, but it wouldn’t be the biggest news involving Star to come out today. Insider published a new piece detailing not only allegations of sexual assault against the beauty YouTuber, who has over 17 million subscribers, but also reports that Star attempted both successfully and unsuccessfully to pay off at least two of those who came forwarded to retract or revise their statements to the outlet. 

These accusations include an account of Star groping an 18-year-old in 2007, sexually assaulting a 17-year-old in 2009 after allegedly drugging him and threatening him with a taser, and sending an unsolicited picture of his penis via email in the early 2000s. Bystanders and witnesses corroborated many of these stories, and said they also personally witnessed Star groping fans during his early days as an electropunk musician and abusing a taser that had been given to him for protection.

Star, who got his start on MySpace before building a beauty empire on YouTube, has previously had to answer for resurfaced racist videos in 2017. Old clips include Star joking about pouring battery acid on a Black woman to lighten her skin, which Star apologized for in what would become one of many apology videos.

Star was back with a video in 2019 for his involvement in the feud between Tati Westbrook and James Charles, which was then rehashed this summer when Westbrook came forward to accuse Star of instigating the entire debacle. Star once again made a video to defend himself.

His brash, unfiltered behavior and reckless pot-stirring has long drawn people to Star’s social media, but it appears his actions are catching up with him. The recent rehashing of his behavior prompted make-up giant Morphe to drop him in July, and these allegations of sexual assault are coming during a time when public opinion of the internet celebrity has significantly soured.

In several statements to Insider, Star’s lawyer denied claims of groping, sexual assault, and violence. As for how Star himself is handling might a well be just another day: