Anyone who has typed “at-home workout” into YouTube these past few months has inevitably stumbled upon a video from Kayla Itsines. The 29-year-old Australian personal trainer and influencer has earned over 12 million Instagram followers for her Bikini Body Guides and workout app, Sweat. Her fiance, Tobi Pearce, has been by her side through all of it, which is why fans were shocked on Friday when Itsines announced that the pair were splitting after eight years of dating. 

“After eight years together, Tobi and I have come to the difficult decision to separate as a couple,” she wrote. 

The pair, who got engaged in 2018, were set to tie the knot this year. They share one-year-old daughter Arna, and Itsines emphasized in her Instagram post that she and Pearce will always be “devoted parents.”

“We have grown up together in Adelaide, sharing a lifetime of experiences and special memories from moving into our first apartment and starting SWEAT from our lounge room to becoming parents to our beautiful daughter,” she continued.


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Pearce, who is the CEO of the app, posted an identical message to his own Instagram. Itsines’s sister, Leah, posted messages of support on both announcements. 

“Best team, the both of you!” she wrote. 

But fans feel totally blindsided. 

“Wait whaaaat?!!” one commented on the post. “Praying for you both!”

“I just don't get it!!” another wrote. 

The pair will continue to run Sweat as partners, but now those workouts are going to hurt in a whole different way.