Keemstar, the creator behind the YouTube channel DramaAlert, is taking flack for tweeting what seemed to be a misogynistic comment on a female gamer's looks. 24-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer Pokimane (real name Imane Anys) has over 5.5 millions subscribers on YouTube and 5.3 million on Twitch. Keemstar, whose channel also has over 5.5 million followers, randomly tweeted this on Sunday afternoon: “Pokimane...2/10.”

Many interpreted this as a rating of Anys’s appearance.

“Your attention seeking methods are by far the saddest I’ve seen on the internet,” YouTuber and Twitch streamer Gibi wrote in response to Keemstar. “I know you only do this for engagement, but fuck off.”

“You think you're being edgy, but you're actually being a misogynistic piece of garbage,” Twitter user Bryce Blum replied. “If the entire point of your tweet is to tear someone down, start over.”

Keemstar was only emboldened by the replies, doubling down on the tweet and addressing the backlash in a Twitter voice note.

“This isn’t church,” he says. “This is online entertainment. My objective is to be entertaining.

While Anys hasn’t responded directly to the criticism, she did like a handful of tweets criticizing Keemstar, including one from streamer @iPurrple:

Over the weekend, Anys tweeted a response to accusations that she’s only successful because of her looks.

Online gaming is infamous for sexist attacks. In 2014, gaming figure Eron Gjoni unintentionally set off a harassment campaign against game developer Zoë Quinn after writing a post about their breakup. The uncontrollable ire eventually spread to other female gaming figures like Brianna Wu and media critic Anita Sarkeesian. While the anger was supposedly rooted in ethics concerns related to gaming and journalism, it appeared to be more generally fueled by the rise of feminism in the gaming community. The resulting swarm of doxxing, rape, and death threats became known as #GamerGate. While a number of popular Twitch streamers are women, including LoserFruit, Loeya, and KittyPlays, they’re still subject to both casual and overt sexism from their community, and Keemstar’s remark is just one example. 

Neither reps for Anys or Keemstar responded to a request for comment.