On Tuesday, @little.miss.patriot discovered that Instagram suspended her account after she had amassed 284,000 followers. This likely had something to with the fact that Ashley Spivey, a former Bachelor contestant, and members of Reddit’s r/blogsnark community, reported her account en masse for spreading misinformation about science and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“INSTAGRAM DISABLED MY ACCOUNT AT 284K FOLLOWERS!” @little.miss.patriot wrote in the caption on her burner account, @little.miss.patriot.2. “please follow me here!!! all my work is gone! i received no email! no other warning! Nothing!”

The new account has over 69,000 followers, and an additional back-up account has 22,500 due to the fact that Instagram has apparently also limited the burner.


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One reddit user told me over private message that they had been reporting the main account once or twice a week due to frequent posts “insinuating vaccines are harmful, that the sun doesn’t cause skin cancer, that you can flush toxins in your body” and in general “downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic.” The user would also check in to see if anyone they followed also followed the account, and would subsequently unfollow them if so. 

A handful of other accounts in the forum also claim to have reported @little.miss.patriot. 

This was part of what appears to be a larger crackdown by Instagram on QAnon and conspiracy-related accounts, per BuzzFeed, following in the footsteps of platforms like Twitter, which also recently banned QAnon accounts. Instagram confirmed to nofilter that this move was part of a policy update regarding violent organizations on the platform. Accounts like @qthewakeup and @greatawkening2 also claim they’ve been suspended. 

“Currently feel like @chrissyteigen because I’ve angered the Qanon people on Instagram and now I have a bunch of DMs calling me a pedophile,” Spivey wrote on Twitter after @little.miss.patriot’s removal, citing frequent unfounded accusations against Chrissy Teigen from the QAnon community. The comments on Spivey’s Instagram are also limited.

Spivey did not immediately respond to a request for comment.