As far as “people surprised to find themselves in the new Borat movie” are concerned, Rudy Guliani takes the cake. But according to Instagram, influencer Macy Chanel was also unaware she’d be featured in the film advocating for dating, in the words of another character, a “nearly dead” man in order to get his money. 

Chanel is introduced as an Instagram influencer and “sugar baby” in the film, but is really more of a model with an Instagram presence, if you want to nitpick. According to her website, she is 24 years old, and has modeled for local businesses around Texas. In Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, she advises Borat’s daughter Tutar (played by the previously little-known Maria Bakalova) on how to attract older men. 

“How old do you like them? That’s the question,” Chanel asks in her scene, advising Tutar to “get someone who just had a heart attack.” The pair high five.

“You want them to like you so that way you get money from them,” Chanel later adds. On Instagram, however, she insists that while she did not know she was being filmed for Borat 2, she was … only playing a character.

“I learned that I was featured in Borat 2 earlier this week,” she captioned a screenshot of her appearance. “Total shocker, I just watched it – it is #hilarious, as expected from @sachabaroncohen.”

Chanel says she “stayed in character throughout the entire time as any actor would” but did admit that Cohen “got” her. In an interview over email, Chanel elaborated on her role in the film.

What did you think they were filming?

An original series for Netflix around “helping” a foreigner learn the ropes of dating in the US. Upon arriving on the set and meeting Maria, I quickly understood it was more of a comedy; I got into character and provided the responses they sought and improvised when necessary. I believe I played the part that I was cast to play.

How did you feel after witnessing the bottle-opening trick?

The staff kept telling me to “just go with it” throughout the production; I felt like something scandalous might occur …  I did my best to stay in the character they wanted me to portray, but it was extremely difficult to keep my composure after “the bottle incident.”  

How did you find out it was for Borat? Are you a fan of the original movie?

I was notified by the press last week that I would be in the movie. I have done many casting calls and auditions trying to jump start my acting career; I was not certain which segment it was, but clearly could not forget the taping with Maria.  

I have always enjoyed Sacha’s movies, but now I feel a lot of empathy for people cast in his movies that are not actors and garner a reputation about who they are that is completely false and probably very hurtful in some instances.

Do you think you were accurately portrayed? 

I delivered the character actress that I was hired to portray; however, some media sources have made other conclusions. My character in Borat was as real as Borat himself.

Do you have any upcoming projects we should look out for? 

Stay tuned! I have had a tremendous amount of requests for more work since Borat 2 debuts. I look forward to continuing my acting career, but I clearly need to read the fine print going forward.

This piece has been updated to include an interview with Chanel.